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Are you blacklisted or have bad credit and need a loan? We will help you find blacklisted loans South Africa

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Bad credit record or blacklisted? We can help...

Do you have problems with debt, have a bad credit record or are blacklisted? At Blacklisted Loans South Africa we are here to help you with many different options for bad credit / blacklisted finance South Africa. Being blacklisted or having a poor ITC credit profile can be very difficult and if you need a loan, car finance or new cell phone contract you will most likely be rejected due to your credit score. We offer a free referral service that will help you find many different options for blacklisted loans, blacklisted cellphone contracts, payday loans, prepaid credit cards and more. Don't let being blacklisted or have a bad credit rating affect your life, let us do our best to help you at Blacklisted Loans South Africa so keep reading or use the menu at the top of the page to browse all available options.

Get loans of up to R230,000 from 1 Hour Loans...

bad credit loan south africa
Looking for a loan and are blacklisted or have bad credit? 1 Hour Loans offer a loan sourcing service in South Africa for loans of up to R230,000 and you can get pre-approved for a loan in under 60 minutes. Searching for loans with bad credit can be time consuming and the experienced consultants at 1 Hour Loans will do their best to help you get a loan to meet your requirements. Applications are accepted if you have bad credit, garnishee orders and defaults and they will do their best to help wherever possible. Application online couldn't be easier and you will receive an SMS to notify you of your loan approval. If you have a bad credit rating or are blacklisted and are struggling to find a loan in South Africa then consider applying free online in just a few minutes and get pre-approved for a loan in less than 1 hour - visit

Bad credit and need a quick loan? Try a payday loan from GetBucks...

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It happens to a lot of people, you run out of money and it is still a week or two till you next paid. A little extra cash would be great but it takes too much time to go to the bank and you need to get all your documents together. GetBucks offer a simple solution, online payday loans in South Africa and you can apply in just a few minutes to see if you qualify. A cash advance or pay day loan is a small cash loan that is repaid in a single repayment on your next salary date, helping you with a little extra cash till you get paid. New users can apply for loans from R500 to R4,000 and if you continue to use the service and improve your rating you could qualify for as much as R8,000. You can apply with GetBucks if you do not have a perfect credit record however they will not accept applications if you are already (or are planning to go) under debt review or administration. If you need money till the end of the month and haven't yet applied then - visit now

Personal loans, payday loans, cellphones and more from DebtLab...

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DebtLab offer a number of financial services on their website and you can apply online for personal loans to R150,000 with repayment of up to 60 months. You can also apply for payday loans and DebtLab will accept applications if you are blacklisted or have a bad credit and wherever possible will do their best to help find you multiple loan offers to meet your requirements. The finance referral service is completely free and all loan providers adhere to the the National Credit Act. All applications are processed within 24 hours and you can upload any required documents simply on the website, helping making it easier and quicker to apply. Along with personal loans, poor credit loans and pay day loans DebtLab also offer cellphone contracts for blacklisted, comparison insurance quotes and debt counselling. If you are in need of a loan or other financial service and have a bad credit score then consider applying free to see how they can help - visit now

Can't get a credit card? Get a prepaid MasterCard from NETELLER...

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A MasterCard credit card offers a lot of convenience and security, helping you to make payments online and in-store without having to do EFTs or carry lots of cash. If you are blacklisted or have bad credit then you won't be able to get a credit card which makes your life more difficult. There is however a solution for blacklisted credit cards South Africa with no credit checks, a prepaid MasterCard from NETELLER which you can use online and in-store, wherever MasterCard is accepted. It is completely free to signup with NETELLER and there are no monthly fees, helping you to save. A prepaid credit card works like any other credit card with the only difference being that you can only spend the money you have deposited into your online account. This means your card is more secure as it is not linked to your personal banking account and also makes budgeting easier. The card has all the features of any credit card with a CVV/CVC number, Chip and PIN security and the MasterCard logo as well as being linked to an online account which you can use to make payments and withdraw at many popular sites. If you need a credit card and don't qualify then there is a lot to offer and you will enjoy all the benefits of having a MasterCard credit card without concerns about your credit record - visit now

Need a credit report? Get one free from Credit Report SA...

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Many people who have credit problems, are in debt, have a bad credit rating or are blacklisted may not even know what their credit profile looks like. All South African citizens qualify for one free credit report every 365 days (once a year) and if you are not sure about your credit, are getting turned down when you apply for accounts, loans or new cell phones then it is a good idea to get a credit report. Credit Report SA will help you get your free credit report and all you need to do is fill in a few simple details. Understanding your credit profile will also help you better understand how to manage your debt in the future and will let you know of any judgements or listings that may be on your name. If you are having credit or debt problems and always wonder "What is my credit score?" then why not find out, easily and start working out how you could possibly improve it - visit now
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